Since its foundation Cartonificio Valinhos has always had special attention to the environment. At a time when no one knew recycling, he started manufacturing 100% recycled paper, becoming one of the pioneers in paper recycling in Brazil.

This concern is also present in its effluent treatment plant that meets and exceeds current environmental legislation. The station has three stages of purification: physical-chemical, anaerobic and aerobic. In the physical-chemical stage a float removes all the suspended material in the effluent. The Dutch-type IC-type anaerobic reactor was the first to be installed in a paper mill in Brazil and represents the latest in effluent treatment.

This reactor generates natural gas that is burned in our boiler, that is, the treatment of our effluent turns organic load into fuel for our process. The aerobic reactor guarantees a final effluent with a high degree of purity to be reused in the process or dumped.

In the manufacture of corrugated cardboard boxes, a modern equipment of Spanish technology exclusively deals with the waters of washing of flexographic paints.