80 years of tradition and quality

The company

Founded in 1934, Cartonificio Valinhos produces paper kraft, cover and white top liner papers, coils, sheets and corrugated boxes in the city of Valinhos, interior of São Paulo.

Our products are known in the market for tradition, quality and for being recycled.

We present as a differential the verticalization throughout the production process, from the purchase of trimmings to the manufacture of corrugated boxes, guaranteeing our customers flexibility and security in the continuous supply of products with quality and punctuality.


Our company was founded in 1934 by Ferruccio Celani, who had been in the paper industry in Brazil since 1920. In that year Ferruccio Celani designed the recycled cardboard factory in Valinhos, in an old pottery he had acquired. Deactivating the ceramics, started the compact cardboard factory that the season was dried in the sun and then calendered to go to resellers or consumers.

In 1944, the first paper-producing machine of the region was set up. They were also totally recycled papers. The cardboard machine is also modified to also produce packaging paper such as shackle, hinge, H.D., Kraft, cartolines, paper, blue pasta, newspaper, white monolucent, carton board, etc. All recycled from old papers.

In 1972 Ferruccio Celani passed away.

In 1975, the construction of a new papermaking machine, which has now been completely reformed and modified to produce paper and paper (test-liner), has been started since 1984, with the abandonment of those types previously manufactured. In 1995, the production of cardboard began with the purchase of a corrugator.

In 1998, with the import from Japan of a second corrugator there is a considerable increase in the production and quality of the manufactured sheets.

In 2000, it entered the carton industry with the importation of a flexo-folder-gluer machine.

In 2005, a 3-color rotating creasing machine is purchased.

In 2006, a new carton building was inaugurated with a new high production corrugator and a new flexo-folder-gluer machine. In the paper mill is incorporated the modern technology of scanner for control of weight and humidity of the manufactured paper. All this taking the company to a new level of quality in the market.

In 2007, its Quality Management System was certified to ISO 9001/2000 through audits carried out by the Carlos Alberto Vanzolini Foundation and currently by the RINA BRASIL certifier. In the same year, it began to work on environmental management, ISO 14.000 certification.